About GIPA
The Georgia Intellectual Property Alliance®


Intellectual property (IP) drives society forward, because only well-protected innovations earn the investments required for success in the global economy. Yet significant uncertainty exists in the way IP is created, protected and enabled. There is a need to bring faith in IP systems to inspire and finance new decades of creativity.

Georgia, USA is organizing a model ecosystem to attract and retain investment in IP-rich firms & assets, under the guidance of the Georgia Intellectual Property Alliance (GIPA). GIPA brings together community and lay-leaders to discuss and promote IP-rich results from three legs of the IP stool: Technology, Health and Arts/Entertainment/Sports.

GIPA comprises ecosystem partner leaders, business executives, IP attorneys, tech transfer professionals, inventor entrepreneurs, expert consultants, IP brokers and many more types of volunteers. GIPA participants collaborate with global leaders while harnessing Georgia’s intellectual, physical and economic benefits. We help society more easily accomplish creative, inventive, licensing, commercialization & monetization goals.



"There are only a handful of states that have the people and assets to lead this effort. When comparing Georgia to states in the areas of creation, protection and enablement on a set of cumulative metrics, Georgia is one of the top states and is believed to have a more integrated and cohesive IP community plus a world leading airport to leverage."

— Scott Frank, GIPA Chair